Paint a BRIGHTER FUTURE with ProTect Painters

ProTect Painters’ simple business model paired with comprehensive training and support offer owners the chance to be a part of a growing industry with an established, trusted national brand.

Our Story

More Than a Business It's a Lifestyle

Join the ProTect Painters franchise team and live life on your terms with flexible hours, low initial investment, and the ability to work from the comfort of your own home!

  1. Leisure Time
  2. Flexible Hours
  3. Management of Business
Why ProTect Painters

Discover the Benefits

Work From

Operate from home or manage your business remotely.

Affordable Investment

Repeat customers with a 97% customer retention rate.

Easy To

Work 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Monday through Friday

“This business has given me the opportunity to set my own schedule and to realize financial gains with little capital outlay.”

— Jamie Cox, ProTect Painters Owner, Boston, MA

Painting Franchise with ProTect Painters

Invest in Your Future with Our Painting Franchise

ProTect Painters offers interested individuals an exciting paint franchise opportunity. We are a brand people know and trust. By joining with us, you’ll be providing a useful service to your community, jobs for local painters, and the chance to secure a financially stable business you can be proud of for years to come.

Our Vision & Values

The ProTect Painters painting franchise opportunity was developed with a vision and a solid set of core values in mind. Our vision is to be the first-choice provider of indoor and outdoor painting solutions for home and business.

We’re deeply committed to these core values:

  • Provide legendary customer service
  • Deliver exceptional value
  • Make the communities we serve better places to live
  • Never stop improving and innovating
  • Conduct ourselves as professionals

Our vision and values set us apart from the competition in the painting business, and we work every day to stay true to them. They form the cornerstone of our culture.

If you want to start a painting company with high standards and principled values, ProTect Painters is the painting franchise for you. We set the standard when it comes to trustworthy, dependable service in the painting business.

We're With You Every Step of the Way

At ProTect Painters, we work with a purpose, and this purpose is to provide an outstanding, lucrative painting franchise opportunity and to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Our painting franchise locations work to make the communities they operate in better places to live and our customers trust us to deliver superior quality work and customer service.

If you are considering opening a franchise, it is understandable if you have questions. Our team is here to help you, and our website is full of information designed to assist our potential owners.

To learn more about the ProTect Painters business model, contact us today at (888) 410-8232.

Available Territories

Find Your Opportunity with Available Territories Across the USA

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  • Jacki Daly ProTect Painters Owner

    There is no price tag on the freedoms that come along with managing your schedule to allow for more family time.

  • Jim Sprich ProTect Painters Owner

    When you receive a review from a very satisfied customer and can thank the crew for their exceptional work there is no better feeling.

  • Greg Witry ProTect Painters Owner

    The corporate staff has been fantastic in coaching me on how to best utilize each tool, and quick to provide support whenever I need it.

  • Taunya Weddle ProTect Painters Owner

    I love being an owner of my own business and truly having control of how I can impact each and every customer I come in contact with.

The ProTect Painters Difference

I wanted a business that I was not tied down to in a store day to day. I wanted a franchise that I could control and see returns on my investment as quickly as possible. ProTect Painters offered all of that. In addition to that, it offered me the flexibility for the lifestyle that I wanted to lead.